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Rigorous Product Inspection

Automotive molds play a critical role in the production of automobiles. They not only determine the quality of your automobile, but also such important factors about your business as the productivity, production cost, investment volume, and product-mix adjustment speed. Equipped with precision equipment and professional talent, our company has been conducting rigorous product inspections upon every mold we produce in hope of ensuring their precise specifications, quality and long service life. The following pictures will show you parts of our advanced inspection equipment.

  • Three-Coordinate Measuring Instrument
    This three-coordinate measuring instrument is applied to measure the allowances of each mould slide to promote the precision of the mould.
  • White-Beam Scan
    The OKIO could scan the specification of a mould in a fast way and collect the data which will be studied by inspectors to for the quality inspection.
  • Points Checking
    This points checking equipment, as its name suggests, could gather the data of each point of the mould by taking pictures. The data will be further processed and analyzed by some advanced software, in which way the inspector could judge the quality of each mould precisely.
  • Checking Fixture
    We have introduced several sets of checking fixture to measure the allowances of each mould and therefore promote their precision.