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Initially established as a family business, our company has grown quickly in the past 17 years. As a reliable automotive molds manufacturer, we make great efforts in the R&D and manufacturing of premium auto molds. We have strong cooperation endeavors with our customers around the world, most notably with companies like Chang’an Automotive, Hawtai Automobile, Dongfeng Xiaokang Automotive, Chery Automobile, Foton Motor, Lifan Motor, GAC Gonow, Harbin Hafei Group, and China National Heavy Duty Truck. We have significant experience manufacturing automobile molds and thanks to our partners we reached 180 million Yuan in sales in 2013.

This great progress could have been made without the standard management system we have adopted. Over the past few years we have gone through great changes. We started as a small family business specialized in the production of sheet metals and have become a full service automotive mold manufacturer. 2003 was the year that we underwent a complete management overhaul and restructured our company from within. Since then we ran much more efficiently and were no longer hampered by the mistakes made by the previous management style. We effectively became a much more modernized business.