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Strong Manufacturing Capacity

The past 17 years has witnessed our great efforts exerted in the R&D and manufacture of automotive molds. Especially, our manufacturing capacity has been dramatically improved due to cooperation with our customers all round the world. We have created a comprehensive manufacturing system that includes 3D modeling, simulation analysis, stamping process optimization, mold designing, NC manufacturing program and product inspection and debugging to ensure high precision, reliability and long service life of our molds.

In our production facilities we use a variety of state-of-the-art equipment. We employ 25 types of large manufacturing machines including a five-faced high speed CNC machining center, 10 mold debugging machines, and a 3D and 5-axi laser cutting machine. Our machine suppliers include Okuma(Japan), Mitsubishi(Japan), Hexagon Metrology(US), Vision Wide Tech(Taiwan), FFG(Taiwan), She Hong Industrial(Taiwan), and Xuzhou Forging Machine Tool Plant Group. These high tech machines along with our exemplary production team help make us the industry leader that we are today.

We have a staff of 410 members led by 42 senior engineers and technicians. We employ a professional manager to lead our seasoned management team and run our company with a comprehensive, systematic, and scientific modern enterprise mechanism. Additionally, we have adopted an advanced quality control system to assure that each production process is performed to the best of our ability. We collect feedback from customers and we store all relevant data in order to promote future improvement in our mold manufacturing.

Exhibition of Manufacturing Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment List
No. Main Equipment Model/ Specification Processing Stroke (working table) Quantity (unit) Place of Origin/ Manufacturer
1 CNC MachingCenter CNC-3250 3000*2500 2 FFG
2 CNC Machining Center CNC-3190 3000*1900 3 She Hong Industrial, Taiwan
3 CNC Machining Center CNC-VB-2016 2000*1600 1 Vision Wide Tech
4 CNC Machining Center CNC2020 2000*2000 2 FFG, Taiwan
5 CNC Machining Center CNC-1600 1600*1000 2 She Hong Industrial, Taiwan
6 CNC Machining Center FV3224E 3000*2000 2 FFG, Taiwan
7 CNC Machining Center FV3219 3000*1700 2 FFG, Taiwan
8 CNC Machining Center FV3219 3000*1700 2 Good Friend, Hangzhou
9 CNC Machining Center FV4224E 4000*2000 1 FFG, Taiwan
10 CNC Machining Center MN3223 3000*2000 2 Vision Wide Tech, Taiwan
11 CNC Machining Center VB3220 3000*1700 2 Vision Wide Tech, Taiwan
12 CNC Machining Center NF3223 3000*2000 1 Vision Wide Tech, Taiwan
13 CNC Machining Center Shengdefeng 3020 4100*2000 1 Shengdefeng, Shenzhen
14 CNC Machining Center MN-5232 5000*3200 1 Vision Wide Tech
15 Five-sided CNCMachining Center MCR-BIII-25*40E 4000*2500 1 Okuma, Japan
16 Hydraulic Machine YH27-1600E 4500*2800 1 Gaomi Gaoduan Machinery, Shangdong
17 Hydraulic Machine SNB-1200T 4000*2800 1 Tianduan Press, Tianjin
18 Hydraulic Machine YH27-1000 4000*2500 1 Nantong
19 Hydraulic Machine YH27-630WD 3200*2200 2 Nantong
20 Hydraulic Machine YG27-800 3600*2800 1 Gaomi Gaoduan Machinery, Shangdong
21 Hydraulic Machine YX32-500T 2500*2000 1 Xuzhou Forging Machine Tool Plant Group
22 Hydraulic Machine YH27-630T 3200*2200 1 Nantong
23 Hydraulic Machine YH27-630T 3500*2200 1 Nantong
24 Hydraulic Machine YH27-500T 2800*1800 1 Nantong
25 White Scanner OKIO 5000*2500 1 TianYuan 3D Technology, Beijing
26 Three-coordinate Measuring Machine DEA ALPHA 4000*2500 1 Hexagon Metrology
27 3D 5-axis Laser Cutting Machine ML33122VZ10-20CF3 4200*2500 1 Mitsubishi, Japan