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Custom Design Services

  • Mould Design

  • As people's living standards increase, the demand for automobiles is dramatically increased. Cars of exceptional performance and attractive appearance are heavily favored by customers around the world. This forces automakers to focus equally on design and manufacturing. However, these challenges also mean opportunity.

    To take advantage of this opportunity and gain a higher market share, automakers have begun to increase their capacity of auto design and manufacturing. Therefore, their demands for quality molds that boast high precision and excellent workmanship are increasing enormously. Our company, as an experienced and professional molds manufacturer, has been providing customized automobile molds that perfectly suit our customers' productions.

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  • Mould Manufacturing Processes

  • As we all know, quality products depend not only on scientific design, excellent equipment and advanced technologies, but also skilled workers and strict manufacturing processes. As a reliable automotive molds manufacturer, our company has been exerting great efforts to ensure every manufacturing process is strictly conducted by our skillful workers according to the production plan arranged by the contract. Therefore, we are able to produce exquisite automotive molds that thoroughly satisfy our customers' requirements and dramatically improve their auto productions.

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  • Mould Inspection

  • Automotive molds play a critical role in the production of automobiles. They not only determine the quality of your automobile, but also such important factors about your business as the productivity, production cost, investment volume, and product-mix adjustment speed. Equipped with precision equipment and professional talent, our company has been conducting rigorous product inspections upon every mold we produce in hope of ensuring their precise specifications, quality and long service life. The following pictures will show you parts of our advanced inspection equipment.

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  • After-sale Services

  • Golden Key Mold Co., Ltd. is an auto mold manufacturer established in 1997. We are dedicated to manufacturing premium quality auto moulds through our extensive R&D and advanced production techniques. Through our history of unyielding effort, have become an industry leader in the manufacturing of automotive molds and we provide our superior molds to customers in countries around the world

    To provide quick-response services to all of our customers around the country, we have established a network of service stations where skilled technicians operate. They provide on-site debugging for you on the arrival of your ordered molds and can come to help solve your problems within 8 hours. As for products within the guarantee period, free maintenance will be provided by technicians to help resolve any issues. Replacement of parts and accessories will be charged according to the signed contracts. The required parts can be delivered to you as soon as possible. In summary, it is with this well-organized and seasoned after-sale service team that we are able to provide quick and satisfying responses for our customers around the world.

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