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Our Company's 17 year history shows the arduous and unyielding efforts put forth by our employees. We started as a small automotive molds manufacturer and now we are a nationally ranked producer.

In 1997
Our company was established as the Botou automobile metal plate die plant;

In 1998
A set of 500T hydraulic press was introduced to promote our production;

In 1999
Our company was renamed as 998 Botou Three-star Mould Co., Ltd;

In 2000
We successfully designed and manufactured a complete set of moulds for the entire production processes of Chang'an 6336's roof with the assistance of CNC machining equipment;

In 2001
We introduced the first unit of XKF2316/3 CNC Duplicating milling machine provided by Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

In 2002
A unit of ZHF778 numerical control universal miller made by Guilin Machine tool was adopted in the production. In may, the company gained the present name-- Botou City Golden Key Mold Co., Ltd;

In 2003
A reform of management was undertaken to break the old-fashioned patriarch-based management and professional managing talents were employed to run the entire company. Moreover, no family members have worked in the company since that time;

In 2004
A standard steel structural workshop as large as 2500m² was built and two units of CNC-3190 machining center made by She Hong Industrial were introduced;

In 2005
We purchased two units of CNC machining centers from Taiwan Sanco, of which the specification are respectively 3m×2.5m and 3m×2m;

In 2006
An office was established in Chongqing, providing after-sale services and technical consultancy services with our clients;

In 2007
We adopted a set of 800T hydraulic press with large table-board, two sets of 630T hydraulic presses and two sets of 315T hydraulic presses;

In 2008
A 6,000m2 standard steel structure workshops were built and a set of three-coordinate measuring instrument was purchased to promote the moulds production;

In 2009
We purchased another six CNC maching centers of which the maximum allowable processing range is 5mX? Additionally, a 1250T hydraulic press debugging line was adopted. Our first subsidiary--Shuangbing Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd was established in Chongqing.

In 2010
We built a 12000m2 standard workshop on the newly purchased land of a coverage of 53360m². A 1600T stamping line and 15 CNC machining equipment were introduced.

In 2011
A unit of laser cutting machine made by Mitsubishi Motors was pruchages and put into production;

In 2012
Our company was officially recognized as the Refined Die & Mould Award by China Die & Mould Industry Association. At the mean time, we purchased a set of Five-sided Milling equipment made by OKUMA(Japan) which were put into production to promote the moulds manufacture.

In 2013
Our company purchased a set of CMM made by Hexagon Metrology and put it into production. In the same year, another subsidiary of us--Tianjin Golden Key Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established to attract more mold design talents.

A professional operation manager was hired and an experienced management team was established to run our company in a more scientific way, further promoting the development of our business. This was an unprecedented move among all companies of the moulds industry in Botou city.