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Mold design is the most important step in the entire automotive designs. Many essential factors such as the materials, feasibility, safety and convenience have been taken into consideration by our senior engineers and technicians. The advanced equipment we have introduced significantly ensures the high precision and excellence of our mold designs.

Technical Support

Our elaborate designs lay solid foundations for the high quality of our molds. Since its establishment, our company has been introducing advanced design software and equipment to assist the manufacturing of molds. For example, the CAD, CAM, CAE, and 3D entity modeling technologies have significantly enhanced our mold design in terms of quality and speed.

Additionally, the product data management system we have adopted is highly advanced and powerfully facilitates the R&D of auto molds. The computer simulation system is aimed to develop molds for premium cars. The following table will show our main equipment used in the mold designing, which ensures the high quality of our molds.

Equipment Quantity Application and design software
Computers for CAE 8 CATLA P3 V5R14, Ug-nx2.0, Auto form v4.2, Dyna-form v5.6, Pam-stamp 2G v2007
Lap top 5
Special computer for mold design 40