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As a reliable auto molds manufacturer, we have not only manufacture high quality customized automotive molds, such as the moulds for exterior body panels, interior car panels and body structural members, but also provide satisfying services to our customers. We have a full range of after sale services but we place an emphasis on our delivery system so that our customers are consistently getting their orders on time. To ensure the smooth production of the facilities of our customers, we try our best to minimize the time between manufacturing and delivery.

Usually our manufacturing cycle and delivery cycle (the shipping and custom clearance not included) depends on the model of the ordered auto molds and varies from 8 months to 10 months, nearly 20% shorter than that of most peer companies. This high efficiency comes from our solid design and manufacturing capacity, rich experience gained from years of collaboration as well as great understanding of the demands and requirements of our customers.

Here are the major efforts we have done to realize this goal
1. To facilitate the R&D of molds, we have built up the DFMEA - a data bank - to accumulate useful historical product data gained from previous projects. At the same time, we use CAE analysis technology in the R&D of new products, which, together with our data bank significantly promotes our analysis work and leaves more time for the procedures of the entire mold design. The standardized processes of product design also help refine each procedure and reduce time consumed. Thanks to the excellent upfront design, debugging of molds can be finished in much less time.

2. To ensure the materials thoroughly satisfy the production requirements of our molds, we have set a set of strict procedures and standards for the purchasing of castings, standard parts, and non-standard parts. Most of the time we will have two to three candidate suppliers for each part. After a rigorous examination on their qualifications(such as manufacturing capacity, product quality, delivery cycle, after-sale service and price and so on), we will select the most suitable one as our supplier, ensuring the quality of our auto molds that perfectly meet the requirements of our customers.

3. Based on our data, we can build a set rational inventory for certain molds and establish an inventory information system. Therefore, the BOM form tells us exactly what is in need and helps us make purchase orders for our suppliers.

4. All inserts of our mold are manufactured with standardized processes. Thus, the volume production of a non-standard part can be conduct in the CNC machining center, which, as a result, lessens the manufacture cycle. Standard production also ensures the quality and easy maintenance of the mold parts.

5. An emergency response mechanism has been established to deal with any accidents during our molds production. We have asked our suppliers to establish a corresponding emergency plan to help us handle any emergency situations we may come across. With this emergency mechanism and the strong support of our suppliers, we could minimize the loss resulted by such emergencies such as power off, materials failure and so on.