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Golden Key Mold Co., Ltd. is an enterprising auto mould manufacturer in China. Established in 1997, our company has been dedicated itself to the R&D and manufacture of automotive moulds. Today, its 18-year arduous and unyielding efforts have brought forward a big fruit for our company. Based on the rich experience and strong designing and manufacturing capacity, we now provide rich types of automotive moulds with customers around the world.

We have a substantial product line that includes automobile moulds for exterior body panels, interior car panels and body structural members. Additionally, we have the capacity to design and produce any number of customizable mold configurations to meet customer needs. Our molds are noted for their high quality, precise specifications, reliable performance, and long service life. We have a considerable customer base including such organizations as China National Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Auto, and Geely Auto.

Our company is located in Botou City in the Hebei province, which is the hub of the Chinese auto molds industry. Since our inception, we have been investing a large amount of effort and capital into the development of hardware, software, talented employees, and management systems. All of our efforts have been paying dividends as our products have been dramatically improving over time.

Recently we have been expanding our workshops to further our development and increase our capacity. In 2012, we began the second stage of the Key Mold Industrial Park construction project. The complex is 12,000 m2 on a plot of land 53,360 m2. Upon completion, this workshop has greatly expanded our output capacity.

In our production facilities we use a variety of state-of-the-art equipment. We employ 25 types of large manufacturing machines including a five-faced high speed CNC machining center, 10 mold debugging machines, and a 3D and 5-axi laser cutting machine. Our machine suppliers include Okuma(Japan), Mitsubishi(Japan), Hexagon Metrology(US), Vision Wide Tech(Taiwan), FFG(Taiwan), She Hong Industrial(Taiwan), and Xuzhou Forging Machine Tool Plant Group. These high tech machines along with our exemplary production team help make us the industry leader that we are today.

Workers are the lifeblood of an organization and since its birth, our company has been developing teams of experienced workers in every department. We have a staff of 410 members led by 42 senior engineers and technicians. We employ a professional manager to lead our seasoned management team and run our company with a comprehensive, systematic, and scientific modern enterprise mechanism. Additionally, we have adopted an advanced quality control system to assure that each production process is performed to the best of our ability. We collect feedback from customers and we store all relevant data in order to promote future improvement in our mold manufacturing.

Thanks to our years of hard work and experience, our company has become major factor in the automotive molds industry. In 2013 our output value reached 180 billion Yuan and we were ranked as a top 20 auto molds manufacturer in China. Besides our high quality products, we thank our valued customers for our success. Our products have been utilized by companies such as Chang'an Automobile, GAC Automobile, Foton Motor, Lifan Motor, Hawtai Automobile, Dongfeng Xiaokang Automotive, Chery Automobile, Harbin Hafei Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Auto and Geely Auto.

As an enterprising mold manufacturer, we are never satisfied with current or past achievements. We always look to the future and adhere to the principle of putting our customers first. We believe that there is always room for improvement and we seek to continue to provide our customers with quality auto molds and keep exceeding expectations. We promise to provide only the best products and services.