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Moulds for Byvin Company

Established in 2007, our company has become an expert at providing auto moulds. With years' arduous efforts, we have developed advanced techniques and rich experience and established cooperative relations with many automakers as well as this new energy vehicles manufacturer-Byvin.

Brief Introduction
Byvin Holding Group Co., Ltd is a global leader in the manufacturing of new energy vehicles and integrated services. Established in 2001, Byvin has been putting forth great effort in R&D to help manufacture green vehicles to serve customers and make a contribution to global environmental protection. After a decade of arduous development, Byvin now boasts a line of vehicles which includes electric cars, bikes, and electric tricycles.

In 2013 we became the mold supplier for Byvin and their enterprising green vehicle manufacturing facilities. We work to provide quality customized products for Byvin to facilitate high quality production lines.

Project Case Display

Project Name: Byvin Electric Cars;
Project Duration: 2013 to 2014;
Product: Automobile Exterior Body Panel Moulds (for car roof and engine hood);
Quantity: 24sets