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  • Company Profile

  • Golden Key Mold Co., Ltd. is an enterprising auto mould manufacturer in China. Established in 1997, our company has been dedicated itself to the R&D and manufacture of automotive moulds. Today, its 18-year arduous and unyielding efforts have brought forward a big fruit for our company. Based on the rich experience and strong designing and manufacturing capacity, we now provide rich types of automotive moulds with customers around the world.

    We have a substantial product line that includes automobile moulds for exterior body panels, interior car panels and body structural members. Additionally, we have the capacity to design and produce any number of customizable mold configurations to meet customer needs. Our molds are noted for their high quality, precise specifications, reliable performance, and long service life. We have a considerable customer base including such organizations as China National Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Auto, and Geely Auto.

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  • Development History

  • Our Company's 17 year history shows the arduous and unyielding efforts put forth by our employees. We started as a small automotive molds manufacturer and now we are a nationally ranked producer.

    In 1997
    Our company was established as the Botou automobile metal plate die plant;

    In 1998
    A set of 500T hydraulic press was introduced to promote our production;

    In 1999
    Our company was renamed as 998 Botou Three-star Mould Co., Ltd;

    In 2000
    We successfully designed and manufactured a complete set of moulds for the entire production processes of Chang'an 6336's roof with the assistance of CNC machining equipment;

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  • Certificates

  • Through our years of development, we have provided premium automotive molds to our customers, all of which are highly credited for their quality and great durability. Moreover, thanks to our arduous efforts in product development, our company has received several industrial certificates and honors which mainly include.

    • Qualified Supplier of Chongqing
      Changan Automobile
      Company Limited
    • Enterprise with Outstanding
      Contribution(bestowed by Mould
      association of Hebei province)
    • Golden Mould Award (bestowed
      by China Mould Industry
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  • Company Performance

  • Since its establishment in 1997, our company has been making great efforts in the R&D and manufacturing of automotive molds. A professional and dedicated after-sale service team has been established to ensure the reliable performance of our products. The past 18 years has witnessed our quick and healthy development as we have expanded dramatically. We are gaining increasingly larger market shares which in turn push our R&D and manufacturing operations to continue making innovations.

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  • Portfolio

  • We are headquartered in Botou city of the Hebei province in China, which is the hub of the Chinese auto mold manufacturing industry. We are located about 160km from the port of Tianjin which helps facilitate our shipping needs. Since our establishment in 2000, our company has invested a great amount of effort and resources in the R&D and manufacturing of automobile dies and molds.

    To facilitate our production and satisfy our increasing demands, we have created our own industrial park. Golden Key Industrial Park is in the industrial zone of Botou city and it covers 46,667 m2. Our facility in the park has an area of 12,000 m2 and is equipped with advanced design and manufacturing equipment.

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