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Automotive Moulds (Moulding Solution for Vehicle Body Structural Member)

Body structural member moulds play an important role in the process of the body structural member which, as we know, is quite essential for an automobile for it supports the entire car body. Therefore, the manufacturer of this car part needs the best mould to ensure its precision and quality.

This body structural member Mould we produce is carefully designed and methodically crafted. It could perfectly help you make fine body structural members and ensure the exceptional quality of your auto products

Advantages of Body Structural Member Moulds
To provide with customers exquisite mould for body structural member, we have adopted many advanced designing and processing techniques to ensure its high precision and great reliability. Compared with its counterparts, this car body structural member mould has the following advantages:

1. Designed by our talented engineers with several advanced softwares, this auto mould enjoys precise specification and could perfect suit the production of your car body structural member.

2. The production equipment we use in the manufacture of this automotive mould is the worldly advanced units, significantly assuring the high precision of our moulds.

3. The test and inspection equipment we have introduced form abroad could minimize the dimensional tolerance of this auto parts mould.

4. Thanks to its good quality and high precision, more than 370 sets of this body structural member mould have been adopted by our customers who mainly include Chang'an automobile, Hawtai Motor and GAC.

Cooperation Cases
Due to its premium properties, our auto mould for body structural member has been successfully applied by several domestic well-known automakers such as Lifan Auto, Hawtai Motor, Dongfeng Motor and Chang'an Motor in their production of molded structural members, significantly promoting the good quality of their molded auto parts. Pictures below will let you have a glimpse at the high quality body structural members made with our moulds.

Cases 1: Lifan Automobile
(Body Structural Member Mould)
Cases 2: Hawtai Motor
(Engine Chassis Mould)
  • 6400
  • CA05
  • B21
Cases 3: Chang'an Automobile
(Body Structural Member Mould)
Cases 4: Dongfeng Motor
(Body Structural Member Mould)
  • Benben
  • Zhixiang
  • Dongfeng Xiaokang

Apart from the quality auto moulds shown in the following pictures, our company could provide with you perfect customized moulds for body structural members, which suit your production of molded auto parts in all ways.

Available Body Structural Member Mould

Panel A Pillar Inner Mould
Panel B Pillar Inner Mould
Panel C Pillar Inner Mould
Panel D Pillar Inner Mould
Front Rail Mould

Center Rail Mould
Rear Rail Mould
Rail Roof Front Mould
Rail Roof Rear Mould

Front Cross Member Mould
Rear Cross Member Mould
Rear Beam Bumper Mould
Front Beam Bumper Mould

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