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Automotive Moulds (Moulding Solution for Interior Car Panels)

Based on near two decades' experience and our reliable production equipment, we are an expert at providing with automakers and auto parts manufacturers quality automobile moulds for interior car panels of door, body side, front wall, front floor, middle floor, rear floor and rear wheel covers and so on.

Due to their refined workmanship, great durability and precise specifications, all auto inner panel moulds we produce can be used in the manufacturing of quality auto parts, ensuring the exquisite quality of your auto products.

Features of Moulds for Interior Car Panels
As a reliable supplier of various types of car parts moulds, our company has a strong capacity to design and manufacture automotive moulds which perfectly suit the production of your car parts. At the same time, since we have cooperated with several automobile assembly companies, rich experience in car moulds design, manufacture as well as after-sale services have been accumulated, which further ensure our moulds to meet the markets’ needs.

This interior car panel mould we supply to you is highly credited for its premium quality and long service life. Each process of its design and manufacture is strictly conducted to ensure the high precision of the mould. That is why over 270 sets of this model have been adopted by our customers since it was first introduced to the market. Those customers include Chang'an Automobile, Cherry Automobile and Lifan Automobile.

Cooperation Cases
Cooperation with the above automakers has witnessed the successful applications of our auto moulds for interior car panels in the production of various molded auto parts of several big automakers, like Lifan Automobile. The following pictures show you the premium interior panels made with our moulds:

Cases: Lifan Automobile
(Automotive Moulds for Interior Car Panels)
  • CP08
  • Heavy Truck

The following pictures show you some auto moulds we have designed and manufactured. If you have need auto moulds of specific specifications, please let us know. We could provide you premium customized auto moulds.

Available Automobile Moulds

Hood Inner Mould
Panel Door Inner R/L Mould
Panel Side Inner R/L Mould

Rear Floor Mould
Rear Wheel House Inner Mould
Front Wheel House Inner Mould

Panel Front Mould
Front Floor Mould
Center Floor Mould

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